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Friendly and conversational. A laid back, easygoing environment where people gather to interact and share information and photo’s. The perfect environment to generate feedback on your product.


Professional, discreet and insightful. The perfect place to meet professionals and establish business connections.


Immediate gratification is the key to Twitter. Post your movements from moment to moment. Use hash-tags to group your posts into common themes. An excellent way to directly target specific tastes or genres.


A virtual gallery. Great if you are a visual business, i.e. clothing or photography. Users are encouraged to share each other’s pins and to create galleries of their own.


How to Use Social Media to Market my Business

It’s important to use the tone appropriate to each social media forum. Depending on the nature of your business, you may find certain platforms more relevant than others. Which social media platform would best suit my business needs?

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Social Media Marketing and Your Business.

Do you want your business to succeed in an ever more competitive market, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Marketing your business on social media is the way to go. Statistics show that social media marketing is the number one channel for your online marketing strategy and can grow your business by up to 300%. Learn more about using social media marketing to grow your business.


Why Social Media Marketing?

As opposed to more traditional marketing tools, social media has an almost unlimited potential reach. Millions of people visit a multitude of social media forums daily, and if you know how to position yourself within social media, you can literally turn your business around. Learn more about why you should have a presence on social media.

Is Social Media Marketing Difficult?

Nope. In fact, speaking to people on social media is exactly like speaking to them in real life. That’s what social media is. It allows you to knock on the door, introduce yourself, and hopefully, be invited in for a cup of coffee. But, as opposed to cold calling, in the world of social media, people are always on the lookout for the next “cool” thing, and if you’ve positioned yourself correctly, they will seek you out. Learn more on how simple it is to establish a social media presence.


What kind of Social Media Marketing Strategy Should I be Using?

Your social media marketing strategy should be something that fits your profile as a business.

Each business has its own image, and its own identity. Depending on your potential market, you may want more, or less, interaction with individuals on social media. Pinterest is a great way to attract people to your product without getting involved in lengthy dialogue. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are great platforms to receive feedback from customers. Learn more about social media marketing strategy.

Should I be Using a Social Media Marketing Consultant?

That really depends on your level of proficiency with marketing ideas, marketing language, and current marketing trends.

Time is another factor. We can run email campaigns, write blogs, update Twitter and Facebook statuses on a daily basis, and manage your website and graphic design needs too. We will monitor your exposure and do analysis to identify where you may be losing potential clients, and we can offer advice on how to strengthen your online presence. Learn more about what we can do for you.

About Shift ONE

Shift ONE is a Cape Town based digital and online social  media marketing agency that offers big business service, creative strategies and marketing campaigns on a small business budget.

We are a face-to-face consultancy that specialises in building personal relationships, but we’re not shy to tell you the unpalatable facts either! If we feel you’re headed down the wrong path, we’ll let you know and offer you the kind of advice we feel you need to get your business back on track.

So if it’s sound advice, professional service, and a proven track record you’re looking for, all at a competitive rate, Shift One is the agency to talk to.

Contact us for advice and pricing on Web Design, Blogs, Data Mining, E-mail Campaigns, and much, much more!



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